Get those levels rolling with this simple mid-game priest WoW leveling guide

In the early 40’s, you should be wrapping up quests in Dustwallow Marsh and Stranglethorn Vale. STV’s considered one of the worse places to amount (due to players roaming around like you to take out seeking low level characters on a PvP server). Be on your guard or see if you’re able to enlist the aid of higher level guilders. Expect over to Theramore and get a gryphon to Tanaris. It’s expected in a wow leveling guide that a desert wasteland will boast gankers as well. You’ll find the goblins to be most hospitable while you spend your time out there taking out pirates. Do not forget about the quest heart direct east that is due from Gadgetzan.

Some places in this wow leveling can be far so get ready for the long trek, when you are finished. The drawback to coming from the east is that you may come across a minor Alliance camp or larger Horde stronghold. Maneuver around them so. For the Alliance, the important quest heart is situated to the west off the coast and there exists a boat that will ferry you there (Feathermoon Stronghold). Once you are done, consider taking the boat from Theramore back to the Eastern Kingdoms. I really don’t believe you have reached the level where you could comfortably start Un’Goro. Begin working your way up towards head and Southshore over behind Durnholde Keep. You will find a path leading north and you will eventually run into Aerie Peak! Check out Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge and by now you ought to be pushing at amount 50.

Un’Goro Crater: Ready for one of the most rich video game pop culture benchmark zones ever? Don’t forget to bring a Mithril Casing to yourself before you fly down here!

Azshara anticipates! You’ll run into flight path and the quest place as you run in from Ashenvale. Memory’s a little rusty but I do believe there is a collection of quests you certainly can do towards the north you have exhausted this area. Otherwise, there’s not much to do here. Don’t forget to run in the other way extremely quickly, in case you see a big giant dragon named Azuregos.Make the right path towards the Emerald Sanctuary as well as Felwood. Make friends together with the Furbolgs and be sure to get the flight path that is 2nd around the north end. Head on through the tunnel while halting at Moonglade. Carry on towards Winterspring and Everlook when you get the path there. You might need to switch between Silithus, these regions, Western and Eastern of warcraft leveling guide

Now you are able to place foot through the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands.

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